Accept payment from clients who book appointment with you from TimeSync. Follow these easy steps to integrate TimeSync with your Stripe account.

Finding integration credentials in your Stripe account

  1. Login to your Stripe Dashboard
  2. From the left navigation, click on Developers > API Keys to open the API Keys page.

  3. In the Standard Key section, find the 'Publishable Key' and 'Secret Key'. You will need to input these keys when you setup in TimeSync interface.

Linking Stripe to TimeSync

  1. From your TimeSync Dashboard, select the meeting type that you want to integrate with Stripe.

  2. Click to open the Integrations tab.

  3. Scroll down to find 'Stripe' under the Payment section.

  4. Paste the Publishable Key and Secret Key from your Stripe account. Click Save.

  5. Integration is successfully created.

Setting Up Payment Section in Booking Page

  1. In the selected meeting type, go to the Settings tab > Payment Settings.
  2. In Payment Settings, select Stripe in the 'Accept payment' dropdown.

  3. Insert the currency and amount to be collected.
  4. Add payment terms (optional).
  5. Click on update.
  6. Check your booking page.